Founded by passionate filmmakers and photographers who understand the power of collaboration

We are artists in a field growing larger by the day and we plan to grow with it. 

As creative practitioners we aim to always produce the highest quality content; this is the moral of our business.

From music videos, performances and weddings, to creative shorts and commercial content, we have experience with it all! If you have a project in mind, we are here to help you realise your vision.




Co-founder of Cuefocus alongside Datu Bethke, Zhiran has a deep understanding of the importance of visual media and collaboration, with a passion for expressing stories through film.

His expertise in cinematography and post production has granted him vast industrial experience, working with Event Cinemas, NAB and other creative practitioners and companies.

With visual storytelling as top priority, Zhiran works with a talented and experienced team to realise every creative project.

Outside of work, Zhiran loves surfing, outdoor adventures and sailing.

Instagram: zhiranzhou



Datu is meticulous with what he sees on camera; every little detail counts. With this foundation he has explored the medium of visual storytelling, lighting and framing through 5 years of professional experience behind the camera. 

His drive and passion all started as a young boy after being exposed to hundreds of films from his next door neighbour. Consumed with a large number of stories from different genres, Datu begun investing all his knowledge into creating his own films.

Datu is always learning new methods in developing visuals to tell the story, working close proximity with the director, lighting, art and camera department to creatively light and capture the emotions and themes of a scene.

Personally, he loves skating, photography and most notably, watching films that continue to inspire him.

Instagram: datu_bethke