Focusing on engaging stories, our experienced production team creates content to increase the consumer connectivity of brands and businesses. Our personalised and professional approach ensures 100% satisfaction.

At Cuefocus, our tailored and targeted content supports a diverse and dynamic clientele to generate more business and embellish your company's public profile

We are a full service video production company, engaging with your project from start to finish.

1.scope and strategy

We work together to fulfil the necessities of a great promotional campaign.

2. Pre-Production

Shot-listing, Story-boarding and Scheduling, we assist in planning every step of your campaign.

3. production

We bring your creative vision to life.

4. post-production

Editing, sound and colour. All post-production work is completed in house. This ensures you receive a stunning product at industry leading standards.

5. launch, review & INNOVATE 

The modern market is dynamic and evolving. Our team at Cuefocus will analyse the launch of your campaign and provide guidance to keep your vision relevant.