travel: koyasan

Take one camera, add your favourite lens, combine them with a gimbal and top it off with a mate. That's the recipe I took to Japan. After capturing many experiences on camera, the team at Cuefocus have brought it together so you can experience it too.  

Mount Koya is home to a multitude of temples and shrines, nestled within a picturesque alpine forest. The area is UNESCO world heritage listed, and is the home of Shingon Buddhism in Japan.


We all know that water and electronics don't mix. That being said, us intrepid travellers weren't going to let a bit of rain (more like a constant drizzle) stand in the way of capturing our beautiful surroundings. Armed with a trusty raincoat, I repurposed a yellow plastic bag as a rain-cover for the gimbal and a piece of pocky wrapping for my lens before setting off on a mission to capture the wonders of Koyasan.

Meanwhile, the equally as adventurous Lachlan Rotherham wrapped his camera up in a jacket and took to the forest, capturing beautiful stills and savouring the unique spiritual experience of Okunoin Temple. To see more, explore his links below