Flycam Flowline with Serene arm attachment



1 Day Hire - $100

2 Day Hire - $150

3 Day Hire - $180

1 Week Hire - $250


The Flycam Flowline is simple to set up and an effective way of relieving the strain of carrying a camera system for extended periods of time, freeing you up to focus on manoeuvring the camera.

Simply wear the rig as a backpack, set the right tension according to camera weight and you are free to shoot!

Our Serene arm attachment acts as a vibration dampener. Perfect for use with gimbal attachments such as the DJI Ronin. It helps mitigate the vertical “bobbing” and allows for a smooth shot.

Package Includes

1x Flowline camera stabilizer

1x Serene arm attachment

2x Spring tensions for different rigs

2x Locking saftey screws