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Luxe Music Trio cover Come Together by The Beatles. Featuring Holly Summers-Clarke, Kyle Maguire and Pat Byrne.

Luxe The Trio cover Sexual by Neiked featuring Holly Summers-Clarke, Kyle Maguire and Pat Byrne.

Pav Dharia Presents Fysul Mirza - Asi Tere. A Bollywood Music Video.

Justine Eltakchi’s new single LONDON has just been released. Streaming on all platforms.

'Mountain Man, Lake Lady'' by Liam Gale & the Ponytails. A Lucas D Film. Cuefocus Production.

When you bring to life a fun videogame esk music track. Original song by Cleveland Dreamers.

Highlight reel of Luke Antony's best moments on Australian television. The Voice (2018).

Luke Antony performs a passionate cover, original song by Britney Spears.

STLN THTS first rap music video release of BLOW. Original track by STLN THTS.

An Acoustic Cover of The Killers "Mr Brightside". All songwriting rights and credits go back to the original artists.