As filmmakers, not only do we love telling your story, we love to combine our interests in visual storytelling to spread positive messages and express our personal passions. 

The Cuefocus team knows the importance of setting aside time to work on projects fuelled by our own passions. These projects spur our growth, and inspire new ideas for us to incorporate throughout our work, resulting in work with industry leading standard.

This is a collection of client based narrative and documentary work as well as our own passion projects. If you have a story you would like told, big or small, don't hesitate to click the button below and contact us. We would love to open a conversation and share your passion. 

Two beaten men engage in desperate combat, in the hopes to seek something greater. Inspired by Asian cinema, we bring a mix of styles to the table. A big thank you to the crew and cast who brought the vision to life.

When Rhys' solitary search for a lost mate leads him to an encounter with A.I., his worldview is challenged as he battles to save his friend. This apocalyptic drama explores the blurred lines and greyness of decision-making; from insignificant to life threatening, and the impacts of society on an individual.