When our production team is off the set, usually our equipment is too. That means we can hire it out to you! Our prices are some of the best in Sydney and we also offer specialised advice to help you pick the gear you need.

Our G&E packages are perfect for small to medium sized productions, short films, documentaries and music videos. Sometimes you just need a few stands every now and then. Some of our equipment is below; for specific and tailored packages send us an enquiry.

C-Stands (Matthews and X-lite)

1 Day Hire - $15

Avenger Junior boom stand

1 Day Hire - $25

Flycam Flowline with serene arm

1 Day Hire - $100

Small HD 702 Bright Kit

1 Day Hire - $65

Rigging kit

1 Day Hire - $40

Wireless HDMI Kit

1 Day Hire - $30

SmallHD Focus kit

1 Day Hire - $30

Aputure 300D Kit

1 Day Hire - $30

Aputure AL-MW Kit

1 Day Hire - $25

V-Lock Power Kit

1 Day Hire - $60

Car suction mount

1 Day Hire - $15

koolertron slider kit

1 Day Hire - $15