We don't just film your day. We tell your story.

With over 5 years of industry experience, our cinematographers will capture every moment. The dedicated Cuefocus team will ensure that no matter how many times you re-watch your wedding film you'll be transported back to those special moments, time and time again.

Our packages are tailored for you. Distinctive and beautifully crafted, every video will capture your own personal story. We know that every couples' journey is unique, and so we dedicate time to understand you, meeting you for coffee, on us of course. No matter how you decide to celebrate this day, everything is done to guarantee that your wedding video is yours in every way.

All Cuefocus edits are handcrafted in house. Below are some of our popular packages.


3-5 minute cinematic edit

2 cinematographers 

Full day coverage

short film 

10 - 15 minute cinematic edit

2 cinematographers 

Full day coverage 

Feature film 

20 - 30 minute cinematic edit

3 cinematographers + Grip

Full day coverage 


All your traditions

Every moment

A taste of love captured within one special evening.